Alexia Bylett BSc(Hons) MBACP, accredited with UKCP
Counselling, Life Coaching and Supervision

Individuals and Couples experiencing:

  • Feelings of anger and frustration
  • Lacking motivation and energy
  • Low self-esteem and of not feeling 'heard'
  • Inability to maintain fulfilling relationships
  • Having difficulties in 'letting go' or 'moving on'
  • Coping with lifes changes: adolescence, having children, life after children
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety

    I am particularly experienced at working with conditions such as stress, anger, relationships, abuse, depression and bereavement.
    I have further experience in supporting those who are finding it difficult adapting to life changes, whether this be the birth of a child or divorce for example.

    What is Counselling?
    Counselling offers a safe and supportive environment in which you can bring issues that may be distressing or confusing. You may feel that the difficulties being faced are resulting in emotional or physical symptoms.

    Counselling provides a place where you can rely on someone to listen objectively and non-judgmentally. This enables you to talk comfortably about whatever is on your mind.

    Why Counselling?
    You may be doubtful about therapy, feeling that if you have a problem you ought to be able to simply talk to your family or friends about it. But often you may feel that is not the best way to go about it.
    Our family and friends are very involved with us, and at certain times, or with certain issues, it might be hardest to talk to those we are most involved with, or hardest for those closest to us to be able to help.
    We might feel restricted as to what we say, feeling that a mistake in the way you express your feelings/opinions could put a lot at stake.

    With a therapist, nothing is at stake.

    What Benefits can be Expected?
    Clients often explain that the value of being truly heard and not judged has the effect of reducing the distress felt. This creates a new understanding and clarity within you and allows you to realise new ways of dealing with life.

    Counselling is about empowerment. You are more able to cope with life if it is felt that you have more control.

    If you have any questions that haven't been answered, feel confident to get in touch:

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    Tel: 01344 761754 or 07776 253269

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